Environmental Policy

Infinity Global
501 Bridge Street,
Danville, Virginia 24541

Effective Date:   6.17.2018
Policy Version: 1.0

Infinity Global, a family-owned company, set as a priority from its start in 2005 to always manage the company with full social responsibility and respect of the environment.

Infinity Global’s Environmental Policy states our commitment to an environmental management system that will provide an understanding of global regulatory requirements and the potential environmental impacts from our supply chain with the goal to monitor, report and continuously improve and avoid these impacts.

Our commitment to this environmental management system reflects our desire to achieve the following:

  • The highest level of packaging quality, while making our earth a cleaner and safer place for future generations. We hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable to this commitment and we have enacted various policies and procedures to monitor, report and make continuous improvements. Potential suppliers face a rigorous onboarding process during which Infinity Global extensively reviews audits, qualifications, certifications, and policies of their production facilities. Our companywide environmental policies guide our initiatives to reduce energy, water, emissions, and waste. Furthermore, Infinity Global tracks, reports and suggests improvement opportunities to reduce the supply chain carbon footprint to our customers by localizing production of products to the geographic zone where the packaging will be used. We research the development of environmentally sustainable materials such as stone paper and bioplastics.
  • We hold a Forest Stewardship Council chain of custody certification. We select our manufacturing production sites and partners based on their certifications including Social Accountability International (SA8000), ISO 14001-2015 for Environmental Management Systems, ISO 9001-2015 for Quality Management System and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) for textile products. We expect and ensure that our suppliers share our commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
  • Our internal Environmental Solution Committee is dedicated to building and providing training to all employees, clients, and partners. We consult with and are advised by experts in sustainability. We are working with our customers to meet their reporting requirements and will complete a comprehensive carbon footprint tracking system by 2020. Infinity Global will continue to suggest packaging initiatives such as more sustainable substitute paper substrates, Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) packaging, paper handles, and biodegradable plastics to improve the recyclability of our packaging.